Anytime two people sit down together, there is an exchange of information that takes place. The depth of that information is highly variable, so variable in fact that no two conversations are ever exactly the same. From the words we use to the things that we communicate through body language alone, there are an infinite number of possibilities to any conversation. Thus, an interview is like a work of art. It is the painting to the word’s drop of paint. The questions matter, the answers matter – it all matters!

You can connect yourself or your brand directly to the concept of the “interview” quickly and efficiently with the “Interview.Group” domain name, a domain name that is based in a concept as old as civilization itself. For as long as people have been talking to each other, they have been interviewing each other, seeking to understand each other and looking in one another for the information that they lack. What information can you provide to your audience? What do you want them to know? Setting yourself up with Interview.Group is a great first step toward answering those questions.

"interview" is a very common term, has very clear meaning, has all main TLDs already taken, very easily passes the radio test, is extremely memorable, is very specific, is catchy, is very easy to pronounce, has high overture, has great business applicability, is very relevant for recreational activities, with perfect lifestyle capabilities, is a natural scientific fit, and it is a good choice as a shopping domain.


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Language english
Domain lowercase
Friendly case Interview.Group
Extension New, generic TLD: .GROUP
Dictionary One word: INTERVIEW
Word "hack"? Not a word "hack"






Liquidity New TLD: .GROUP

At least 6 TLDs in use:
- .COM
- .NET
- .ORG
- .BIZ
- .Info
- .US

Common dictionary word domain name

Very clear meaning

Very easy to pronounce

Very easily passes the radio test

Very memorable

Very specific
High SLD overture: 29,302
Great business applicability

Very relevant for recreational activities

Perfect lifestyle capabilities

A natural scientific fit

Appropriate for a shopping website

A technological domain