The most evocative and therefore the most effective communications and branding strategies put action at their center. You can try all you want to sell people on details, but our minds think in terms of what is going on right now. What did that thing do? Where did it go? What is it going to do later on? It is the actions of every object that define those objects for us, as much as we may like to think otherwise. We do not have the ability to process information in any other way. Thus, anytime you can use a common action word in your branding – like “drop” – you are off to a great start. “Drop.Group” is a domain name that is all about action, and if you want to optimize your success as a brand, it may just be the right domain choice for you. Move beyond stagnant, motionless branding: this is branding done at top speed, in a way that catches people’s attention and demands that they understand what you are offering them. Even the sound of the word – drop – commands our ears. That power can be yours to wield with the Drop.Group domain name, the perfect addition to any fast-paced branding strategy.

"drop" is a very common term, has very clear meaning, has all main TLDs already taken, is a short name, very easily passes the radio test, is extremely memorable, is very specific, is catchy, is very easy to pronounce, has high overture, has great business applicability, is very relevant for recreational activities, with perfect lifestyle capabilities, is a natural scientific fit, is a tremendous choice as a shopping domain, and it is perfect in the technology space.


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Language english
Domain lowercase
Friendly case Drop.Group
Extension New, generic TLD: .GROUP
Dictionary One word: DROP
Word "hack"? Not a word "hack"






Liquidity New TLD: .GROUP

At least 6 TLDs in use:
- .COM
- .NET
- .ORG
- .BIZ
- .Info
- .US

Short name

Common dictionary word domain name

Very clear meaning


Very easy to pronounce

Very easily passes the radio test

Very memorable

Very specific
High SLD overture: 20,727
Great business applicability

Very relevant for recreational activities

Perfect lifestyle capabilities

A natural scientific fit

Tremendously appropriate for a shopping website

Perfect in the techonological space