There are some concepts that are never far from our minds. We are always thinking about these things, from the time that we are kids and straight through to our golden years. If your business relates to one of these concepts in any way, even indirectly, then you can benefit from the natural connection that we are always making to it in our minds. One such concept is age. When is your birthday? How old are you? At what age do you need to start worrying about that ailment? Age is something that is constantly present in our lives.

With Age.Group, you can take advantage of this fact immediately, either by launching your brand or by expanding upon your brand and drawing a straight client in your audience’s view between what you are doing and the word “age.” Young and old alike, people never stop thinking about this one thing, wondering what it all means, comparing their age today to ages past and reflecting on what future ages will bring. This is your opportunity to get in on the never-ending “age”-based conversation! With a domain like this, you are easily accessible to all users who are surfing the web with this concept in mind.

"age" is a very common term, has very clear meaning, has all main TLDs already taken, is a super short name, very easily passes the radio test, is extremely memorable, is very specific, is catchy, is very easy to pronounce, has high cost per click, has high overture, has numerous searches per month, has great business applicability, is very relevant for recreational activities, with perfect lifestyle capabilities, and it is a good scientific domain.


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Language english
Domain lowercase
Friendly case Age.Group
Extension New, generic TLD: .GROUP
Dictionary One word: AGE
Word "hack"? Not a word "hack"






Liquidity New TLD: .GROUP

At least 6 TLDs in use:
- .COM
- .NET
- .ORG
- .BIZ
- .Info
- .US

Super short name

Common dictionary word domain name

Very clear meaning

Extra short

Very easy to pronounce

Very easily passes the radio test

Very memorable

Very specific
High broad search: 370,230

High broad CPC: $2.10

High exact search: 1,968

High SLD overture: 18,453

High term overture: 2,528
Great business applicability

Very relevant for recreational activities

Perfect lifestyle capabilities

Befitting scientific category

Appropriate for a shopping website

A technological domain