Domaincracy Means Domains Rule

Scottsdale, AZ, November 13, 2017 -- I conjured Domaincracy as a portmanteau of domain and democracy. Thus, the logo and the "the eligible domain names" tagline.

There are many "-cracies" in the world: democracy, technocracy, meritocracy, autocracy, theocracy etc.

I went to watch the WTA Finals in Singapore last month. Bear with me. I was impressed by the city’s beautiful gardens, grand shopping, cleanliness, politeness, tourist-friendliness, and by its numerous English-speaking people. It is very hard to believe that this country was poor only a few decades ago. Singapore’s standard of living today is amongst the highest in the world.

I wondered how was that possible? Research shows that it was strong leadership: an enlightened autocracy focused on law and education ruled this city-state. Enforce the law, educate the people, retain the talent.

According to the 2016 economic freedom index, Singapore is second only to Hong Kong. USA is 17.

The 2016 human freedom index lists Singapore at 40 of 150. United States is number 23. Since democracy is the guarantor of human freedom, the lower the number, the stronger the democracy. Interestingly enough, Hong Kong is still number 1. Interesting, indeed. My research was going to demonstrate that democracy is best. I believe it to be true. But the reality may be more complicated than that.

The conclusion is… analyzing data is always an adventure. Once again, this truth prevails: there is great value in research, in gathering and analyzing the data, and interpreting the scores.

Analyzing the domain name data is a function that is setting Domaincracy apart. Each domain name in the Domaincracy portfolio has its attributes looked at from different perspectives. The results are presented publicly in several specialized and downloadable charts - liquidity, brand-ability, traffic, versatility, and summary. The domain’s best treats are spelled out in its description and in a summary table.

Buyers welcome the extra confidence given by knowing and understanding the product data; it helps them make an informed buying decision. For the business client, the purchase justification is a business requirement; having the asset data already gathered, analyzed, and presented in a clear, user-friendly format should satisfy some of the need.

Take a look at any of our domain name analysis (and send feedback). Here is one:

Democracy means that people rule, autocracy means that a few rule. DOMAINCRACY means that DOMAINS RULE.

Domain names rule the online presence success. Domain names rule the Internet. Domain names have the power. Domain names will become more and more powerful. Just ask any domainer.

#domaincracy – means the domains rule. Add it to your dictionary.

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